In this article we go behind the scenes of Famous Soda HQ with an exclusive Q&A with Co-Founder Julie Pillon. Julie shares her insights on the growth of Famous Soda Co, how the company sets itself apart in the healthy beverage market, and exciting plans for 2023.

How has FAMOUS SODA CO grown since launch?

Five years on we have spread our wings to 12 countries, with our Famous Sodas, but what’s really exciting news for us and our community is we are ready to launch 2 new Product Categories (NPD’s) our Sugar free, all-natural Candy & Soda Pops.

We have been doing lots of fun tasting sessions behind the scenes with our communities, as old as 93, as young as 3 and everything in between, the jury’s in, an over whelming thumbs up, “the flavours are yummy and no after taste” “amazing,” “but how come they taste so good and there’s no sugar”? “they taste like they have sugar in them”? And on it goes, we are so so excited to launch our new NPD’s, both products have been a long time in the making.

Getting sugar-free, all natural, Candy and Soda Pops to deliver on flavour, texture, consistency and taste bloody delicious is no mean feat. But I’m here to tell you, two years on we’ve cracked it!

FSC Nominated As Finalists at NSW
Premiers' Export Awards 2022

As healthy beverage options increase, how do you set Famous Soda apart?

Good question - Well we set out to build the Number 1 Sugar free, All-Natural brand. So it was not just about Sodas, it was about giving Consumers a great tasting alternative in the worst sugar offending product categories. We started with Soda’s as the WHO has identified sugary drinks contribute 45% of the problem to the epidemic of Diabetes 2 and Obesity, enter …………….Famous Soda Co. There no doubt that there are a number of new players who have entered the Market since we launched, but if I maybe so bold, very few if any have matched us on flavour or delivered a beverage that tastes like a true soda, hence convincing Consumers to make that conscious change from the traditional soft drinks that are laden with sugar. At the end of the day it’s all about taste taste taste………….seems a lot of the new commers just don’t get that!

Michael & Julie Pillon Founders Of Famous Soda Co

What was a stand out moment for FAMOUS SODA CO in 2022?

For me it was being at Sydney International Airport ready to jump on a plane and grabbing a bottle of Famous Soda from WH Smith to take on the plane – then landing in Seoul late afternoon, the first store I saw I jumped into to grab a drink and here was Famous Soda in Korea. That was a cool moment

Famous Soda is now available in many retailers around Australia and has even reached Korea, how has that journey been?

We’ve been very fortunate to have the support of some great partners. They helped us grow and expand our reach, and we couldn’t be more grateful. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, our distributors and retailers are always keen to support new products knowing that sugar-free, lal-natural really is the fastest moving categories. We’re excited to see FAMOUS grow throughout the world, bring it on we say!

What is the biggest misconception about the Famous Soda range that consumers may not be aware of behind the scenes?

I think for us it’s the surprise on Consumers faces when they try and of our Famous products. I get out there from time to time and partake in our tastings, when I can, I love love the surprised look or even the shocked looks on their faces when the taste Famous for the first time, invariably they say, but it tastes really good, how come if there’s no sugar? We love that, its like a reward for all the hard work. In your opinion what drives a consumer to select FAMOUS SODA from the shelf? Well, I keep bubbling on about flavour, taste, taste, taste, which is very true. But I also think it’s a cool brand, theres lots of attention to detail, its sustainable, environmentally friendly and we get involved in cause related projects giving back to our Communities, at the end of the day we are a real brand with real people that experience all the woos and blows as everyone else so I guess, we get you because we are you!

What plans does FAMOUS SODA CO have for 2023?

2023 is going to be our biggest and most exciting year yet. With the launch of new products and of course our new Flavour Tangerine, which is my new favourite flavour. Once launched in Australia & NZ we will then launch Internationally.

Famous Soda Pops Launching Soon


Finally, what’s your FAMOUS SODA flavour of choice?

Ops I think I just gave that away – but I have to say I do like all our flavours, given I do all the product development, I have to be convinced we’ve developed an amazing flavour before we launch it.

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