Step into the world of timeless indulgence with the classic ice cream float. Also known as a "Spider" in Australia, this deliciously refreshing treat was first invented by Robert McCay Green in 1874, in Philadelphia, USA. As the story goes, on a hot day, Green ran out of ice for his flavored drinks and reached for vanilla ice cream from a nearby vendor, birthing a new and timeless beverage.

The name "Spider" was adopted by Australians due to the web-like reaction created when the ice cream meets the soda. From its traditional roots with either lime or pink cream soda, the ice cream float has evolved into a variety of tantalizing flavors enjoyed by people all over the world.

This simple and versatile recipe is perfect for those looking to enjoy a sweet treat without the added sugar or excess calories.

By mixing one of our Famous Soda flavours with a zero-sugar ice cream, you can enjoy a delicious and guilt-free soda float. And with variations such as using vegan ice cream or a low calorie, low carb option, this recipe can be customised to fit a variety of dietary needs, including keto.

The result is a creamy and effervescent indulgence that's sure to satiate your sweet tooth, without any of the guilt. So go ahead, treat yourself.

How To Make A Soda Float (Spider)

What You’ll Need:
Your choice of Famous Soda
Your choice of zero sugar, vegan or keto friendly ice cream (We recommend Denada)
A tall glass

Scoop ice cream into a glass. Top with famous soda and enjoy the magic.


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