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From time to time we have a little bit of stock that has a short expiry date or goes out of date. Normally if available, this product would be distributed to family, however we know times are tough for a lot of families out there.

Rest assured here at FAMOUS, we test all our products for shelf life, this includes a method that is called accelerated shelf life testing, in laboratories with scientists. In accelerated shelf-life testing, the storage conditions are altered from normal conditions to speed up some of the deterioration processes and other changes that normally occur over the course of the product’s storage period or shelf-life. This then gives real results of how the products stand up over different time periods.

What we found out conducting these tests was that FAMOUS Sodas have five years before they start to break down, however we only put 18 months as our best before dates.

We wanted to offer these products at super-duper reduced pricing, to allow all consumers to still be able to have our sodas in the fridge.

Get Sugar Free’d!